September 02, 2013

What to do with your unwanted junk car in Long Island NY

If you have an old scrappy unwanted car that you simple just want to get rid of in Long Island NY, you can either junk it for cash money on the spot or you can donate it and wait to do your taxes. When you donate a junk car in Long Island, you receive a $500 tax write-off that you can claim on your next tax return considering you donate to a registered donation company. When you junk a car in Long Island, you receive cash or a check on the spot where there is no wait. Most people in Long Island choose to junk their car rather than donate it because they get cash money on the spot. You can’t receive cash or money for your Long Island junk car and a tax write-off. It’s one or the other, so beware of those junk car buyers promising you cash and a tax write-off for your Long Island junk car because this just isn’t possible. Before you donate your junk car in Long Island, check out “A Donor's Guide to Car Donations” By the Internal Revenue Service. It’s has all the proper answers by the IRS. Don’t wait until the next tax return to find out you got robbed. 

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